Friday, January 30, 2009

Love it!

I have to tell you about the sweetest thing my son said to me yesterday....

He comes up to me... lays his hands on my tummy. I'm thinking.. awe he wants to try and feel the baby. And he says
" WOW mom... your HUGE"
well.. there went that nice thought. lol
He does however like to hear the baby on the headphones. My daughter isn't too impressed at the moment. Thinks it's all nasty.
She told me yesterday... she's not having kids.. she will adopt 3 kids.. but she's not stupid enough to have them. ;( She said they are all bloody and icky when they come out. Oh well. (she's still in that boy hating stage.. except when it comes to the Jonas Brothers)
My son then replies "You'll get used to it" By the way.. he's having 4 kids. :)

OH.. an update from the other day.....
I did wake my kids up the way I said I would... My daughter did smile and her eyes gleamed and she jumped up and gave me a hug <3 (she's 10 btw... I hope she never grows out of that love for me) and My son just shook his head up and down (yes) and said "Why are you so happy" Oh yeah.. he's turning into a man :lol I have to change that somehow .. hmmm.

P.S. This blogger needs smilies :)

P.S.S. My 5 month tummy


  1. OMGosh I used to say that too. "I'm not birthin' no babies, I'll adopt" :lol

  2. You are so amazingly beautiful!!!