Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm back biznitches!!

A 2 year hiatus??? It can happen.. easily. Now that I remember that I had this blog and all my most important info.. I'm going to give this a go, again. I'm just not going to give myself a schedule. I run so much better on whims, than schedules.. except for when it comes to kids doctor appointments and schooling. I don't think they would like the "whim" thing as much.

Wait, I take that back. Sitting here thinking about it.. my life is nothing but day to day, hour by hour schedule. It's my mind that is "whimmy". HA!

Anywhoo, I'm going to go and tweak a few things. Be prepared to read, or not.. some rambling :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy is my life

Ahhh.. the trials of the fog that is in my head. My brain farted for a few days.. forgive.
One day I will have a system ... I don't know when.. and I don't know how.. but I will.

anyway.. Today was a great day for me.. woke up with a smile on my face and hope in my heart. I have been giddy all day long.
One may ask if I had been laid. No... sadly that isn't so. But the reason for my happiness? My life.

Simple as that.. My life is why I am happy. In today's world, people are constantly thinking of the stresses of their lives. the economy, the future. But I woke up knowing what I had.. now, today.. at this moment in time. And everything put a smile on my face.
you know what I have? I have everything my heart ever wanted.. and the desire and aspirations to keep my dreams alive.. to keep going for them no matter what is thrown in my path. As the saying goes "what doesn't kill me, only make me stronger".. and that is 100% true.
I may be a pregnant single mom.. no partner to help... but dang it.. my kids love me and they are taken care of.. and most importantly.. THEY ARE HAPPY! I'm doing my job. Don't get that messed up with those who would financially spoil their children. I spoil them with love, time, commitment to their likes, their needs. And I can't forget what a wondrous feeling it is to have a baby kicking away in my belly. The life that will be brought into this world for everyone to see... and learning with her.. all her firsts.

I have so much more happiness and joy around me than I let myself see. As I said in another post.. it's always easier to see the negative... we are taught it from birth.. we have to teach ourselves to look at the positives... no one else will do that for us. We are responsible for ourselves; for our happiness.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Money Money Money... must be funny, In a rich mans world

Can I say.. I love ABBA.. but I do have to say, Mama Mia had rekindled that love I have for them <3

Now about this money..... That of which I lack, why must schools schedule all their fund raising events in the same month???? And in the month of February... jeez. It's the shortest month... you think they would pick a month that had about 5 weeks instead of the mere 28 days .. for shame schools... for shame. lol
So far.. we have cookie sales, gift wrapping sales, hoops/ jump rope for heart, .. let me Not for get about the in school field trip and Valentines day, and oh my goodness.... I just remembered.. my kids have a week off of school next week. SO the month is even shorter than I thought!!!
Anyway.. I don't have the money for all that crap.
* cookie sales.. nix that.. I'm big enough.
* Gift wrap.... I'd rather buy a huge roll at the dollar store than one I could get that is almost the same design for $10.
* In school field trip.. that's hard. I mean.. It at school! How can I have my child sit aside at school because he can't go to his field trip.. when he's already there? weird.
* Hoops/ Jump rope for heart... Very important to me.. I'll help raise some money for that. I mean, I donate money.. my kids do the work. Sounds good to me lol
* Valentines.... I'd be a meany of a mom if I didn't buy them cards to give out.. and I'm not anywhere near mean. :p
* ** oh yeah.. picture day *panic*.... This better not be a pay before you see it thing.. I'll be pissed.. I'm not paying for pics that look horrible. I might just skip that though. Save the money for the Year Book.. my daughter will be in it this year with the school chorus <3

With all the money problems.. layoffs n such... I wonder how the Jones' are doing this year... Never even tried to keep up with them.. cause I think it is stupid by all means... but I would like to see a little bit of a "struggle" for them. lol

Oh.. another note... I am having a GIRL!!!!!! Yes.. I'm a day late at telling you... but I have preggo brain.. and I will use that til the day I have this baby! ;p I think I said that before... oh well.

Monday, February 9, 2009

blah blogger blah blah

I just have to tell you all... My boobs are HUGE! And heavy as crap!!! I don't remember them being like this with my other two. Like they say.. every pregnancy is different. *sigh* Leave me a little less to my imagination.. please.. no seriously... I would like to have the same things happen as my others... just better deliveries.

On another note.. I think I know what has my head up in a fog... a really thick fog. See, my basement flooded a few weeks back... it was a very emotional night for me. I think I may have mold growing up in them walls. I need to look ASAP... and take care of it ASAP. I sleep down there dang it. and I do think this is leading to my sleepless nights too. oh.. and when I do sleep down there for a couple hours.. I wake up sooo stuffed up and throat sore.. it's just wrong. I wonder if opening the sliding door and the windows will help *scratches head* <-- yeah.. not as interesting as say... smilies!!!! I need them

Wed is the BIG day.. well. one of the big days. HOPEFULLY, I will find out what I am carrying... a horse, monkey, fish?? Oh.. the possibilities!!!! I hope is a human boy or girl... I don't care what gender.... I just hope I find out *cross fingers* My last two were so private... didn't want to show me. (Devin did on the 2nd US) Hopefully those attitudes keep up when they reach their hormonal sexual years.

I really hope who ever is reading this knows I was kidding about what species *paranoid* yeah.. I'm not sick like that.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I like my horoscope for today:

It feels as if the dark clouds are truly clearing today, giving you an open view of what's ahead. To some extent, you are able to see things the way you want them to be and are not limited to seeing them just the way they are. This allows you to set lofty goals for yourself and with a little persistence and luck, you should be able to manifest your dreams.


Manifestation... That's key!!!

On a totally different note.. The baby.. in my tummy... doesn't like it when I sleep with my PJ bottoms on. June Bug just moves and moves like crazy!!!! Not saying I don't like it.. but dang... let momma have some sleep, please <3 So.. I take them off.. and TA DA! June Bug is happy and stops. Mothers adapting to their child.. starts soooo early. Can I say.. We just rock!!!

I really wish my cat could get her own water out of the sink .... I mean.. she pees in the tub.. over the drain, people... she doesn't miss the drain.. and she will use the potty.. seriously... She sits on the toilet. hmmm.. Now, everything makes sense.. I've been yelling at Devin to flush.. and he says it's not him.. It could be the cat lol... anyway.. since she can do all that.. can't she get her own water??? I mean.. dang.. how hard it it to get her paws around the faucet and turn it on and off. hehehe.

ANother note.. Devin is sick .. my poor baby. I kind of like it though.. it's been so long since my kids have been sick.. I miss taking care of them like that <3 Is that wrong to say that? Bad part.. I think I am too... Nothing a homeopathic won't stop... I'll get it before it gets me.

And I have no idea what to title this .....