Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I like my horoscope for today:

It feels as if the dark clouds are truly clearing today, giving you an open view of what's ahead. To some extent, you are able to see things the way you want them to be and are not limited to seeing them just the way they are. This allows you to set lofty goals for yourself and with a little persistence and luck, you should be able to manifest your dreams.


Manifestation... That's key!!!

On a totally different note.. The baby.. in my tummy... doesn't like it when I sleep with my PJ bottoms on. June Bug just moves and moves like crazy!!!! Not saying I don't like it.. but dang... let momma have some sleep, please <3 So.. I take them off.. and TA DA! June Bug is happy and stops. Mothers adapting to their child.. starts soooo early. Can I say.. We just rock!!!

I really wish my cat could get her own water out of the sink .... I mean.. she pees in the tub.. over the drain, people... she doesn't miss the drain.. and she will use the potty.. seriously... She sits on the toilet. hmmm.. Now, everything makes sense.. I've been yelling at Devin to flush.. and he says it's not him.. It could be the cat lol... anyway.. since she can do all that.. can't she get her own water??? I mean.. dang.. how hard it it to get her paws around the faucet and turn it on and off. hehehe.

ANother note.. Devin is sick .. my poor baby. I kind of like it though.. it's been so long since my kids have been sick.. I miss taking care of them like that <3 Is that wrong to say that? Bad part.. I think I am too... Nothing a homeopathic won't stop... I'll get it before it gets me.

And I have no idea what to title this .....

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