Monday, February 9, 2009

blah blogger blah blah

I just have to tell you all... My boobs are HUGE! And heavy as crap!!! I don't remember them being like this with my other two. Like they say.. every pregnancy is different. *sigh* Leave me a little less to my imagination.. please.. no seriously... I would like to have the same things happen as my others... just better deliveries.

On another note.. I think I know what has my head up in a fog... a really thick fog. See, my basement flooded a few weeks back... it was a very emotional night for me. I think I may have mold growing up in them walls. I need to look ASAP... and take care of it ASAP. I sleep down there dang it. and I do think this is leading to my sleepless nights too. oh.. and when I do sleep down there for a couple hours.. I wake up sooo stuffed up and throat sore.. it's just wrong. I wonder if opening the sliding door and the windows will help *scratches head* <-- yeah.. not as interesting as say... smilies!!!! I need them

Wed is the BIG day.. well. one of the big days. HOPEFULLY, I will find out what I am carrying... a horse, monkey, fish?? Oh.. the possibilities!!!! I hope is a human boy or girl... I don't care what gender.... I just hope I find out *cross fingers* My last two were so private... didn't want to show me. (Devin did on the 2nd US) Hopefully those attitudes keep up when they reach their hormonal sexual years.

I really hope who ever is reading this knows I was kidding about what species *paranoid* yeah.. I'm not sick like that.


  1. Well, if my students are any indication, your kids won't necessarily talk to YOU about their going-ons, but may be talking to their teachers. Lord have mercy!

  2. Check for mould ASAP, it's a very dangerous little f-er!

  3. Wednesday! Wednesday!! Wednesday!!!