Thursday, February 12, 2009

Money Money Money... must be funny, In a rich mans world

Can I say.. I love ABBA.. but I do have to say, Mama Mia had rekindled that love I have for them <3

Now about this money..... That of which I lack, why must schools schedule all their fund raising events in the same month???? And in the month of February... jeez. It's the shortest month... you think they would pick a month that had about 5 weeks instead of the mere 28 days .. for shame schools... for shame. lol
So far.. we have cookie sales, gift wrapping sales, hoops/ jump rope for heart, .. let me Not for get about the in school field trip and Valentines day, and oh my goodness.... I just remembered.. my kids have a week off of school next week. SO the month is even shorter than I thought!!!
Anyway.. I don't have the money for all that crap.
* cookie sales.. nix that.. I'm big enough.
* Gift wrap.... I'd rather buy a huge roll at the dollar store than one I could get that is almost the same design for $10.
* In school field trip.. that's hard. I mean.. It at school! How can I have my child sit aside at school because he can't go to his field trip.. when he's already there? weird.
* Hoops/ Jump rope for heart... Very important to me.. I'll help raise some money for that. I mean, I donate money.. my kids do the work. Sounds good to me lol
* Valentines.... I'd be a meany of a mom if I didn't buy them cards to give out.. and I'm not anywhere near mean. :p
* ** oh yeah.. picture day *panic*.... This better not be a pay before you see it thing.. I'll be pissed.. I'm not paying for pics that look horrible. I might just skip that though. Save the money for the Year Book.. my daughter will be in it this year with the school chorus <3

With all the money problems.. layoffs n such... I wonder how the Jones' are doing this year... Never even tried to keep up with them.. cause I think it is stupid by all means... but I would like to see a little bit of a "struggle" for them. lol

Oh.. another note... I am having a GIRL!!!!!! Yes.. I'm a day late at telling you... but I have preggo brain.. and I will use that til the day I have this baby! ;p I think I said that before... oh well.


  1. Yes...the money stuff never stops, does it? I just can't wait for the fundraising days to really begin. Preschool is bad enough!

    (although I never miss an opportunity for cookies)

  2. I like the fundraisers. Well, the chocolate and cookie ones. Fuck that wrapping paper.


  3. Pay before you see? what kind of insanity is that??

  4. I am the worst about fundraisers. I hate them. I had to coordinate too many of them and now they fall under my pile of papers "to get to eventually" which means that by the time I get to them, the deadline has passed.

  5. I didn't like fundraisers when I was in school. Reason number 948 to home school for us. :hug It'll be ok, it always is. And the Jones, they're not doing so well either. I promise.

  6. My family places most fundraising information in the circular file. The few exceptions are for things that a directly raising funds for something one of us wants to do--so we'll buy something so my sister can go to her church stuff, or a special school trip but not just general fundraising. Sometimes we'll just give the cash directly toward something instead of buying a product we don't want/need.

  7. Whee on the girly!!! I agree on the'll break you if you do it for sure.