Friday, January 16, 2009

Sleepless nights

And what do I do to pass the time away.. listen to poor celebrities whine and complain about how bad their skin is one day.. and a few weeks later they look 100 years younger. Please
I have a hard time believing that these "miracle" makeups and lotions really work. Why is it, that it's only available to the high class "I can afford plastic surgery and Shhh I really have and am undercover to get more money I don't need to do these face-o-mercials... aka= conmercials."
If these miracle face uplifters and wrinklesmoother-outers really work... why not get everyday people try them out? hmm?
Because you know the high class and celebrities can afford not to get wrinkles.. how you ask? Stress.. or lack there of. well, they all claim to spend time with their kids... be the "typical" mom and all that jazz... but who, may I ask, is the person next to you in all of the pics in the magazines.. your nanny you say? Real, every day mommies... don't have live in nannies or maids. Real mommies work for a living.. They are all to everything and everybody. And may I say.. they don't get squat for pay. A, "I love you mommy", is all that is wanted and needed... well, a hope for a kid to not mess up a perfectly made room that was done 5 minutes before, would be nice.. but still, mommies... real everyday mommies don't ask for much.

So, I refuse to watch any more celebrity endorsed conmercials. hmmm, that's going to hard to do on nights like this. Maybe I can wash laundry, pack my kids lunches, clean house.. that way, during the day, I can actually have time for me!? But, more than likely... I will still clean house, go grocery shopping, plan meals, plan play dates... a mommies work is never done.


  1. Rofl!!! Misty, you gotta stop watching infomercials! You want me to steal J's cowboy movies for you? He has a boxed set with 100 movies! That'll keep ya busy!

  2. I have a secret obession with watching infomercials, I love them. But not the ones of which you speak. I like the ones about diet/exercise and things to cook with.

    oh and I love the shamwow guy!

  3. That Shamwow guy can sell me anything.. he's not that cute to me... but he's fun lol

    I don't want to grade papers .. no.. no.. not me *panic*