Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A happy post

30 minutes.. 30 minutes until I wake up my beautiful two and get them ready for school. I love this mom-hood thing. Have you ever just sat back and just breathed in the delights of your children. Cherished every thing they said.. even if it's them yelling at each other and calling names. <3 Weird, but I love it. Not saying I don't put a stop to the abusive behavior.. but it reminds me of the good days I had with my brother and sister. Sibling rivalry... it was a pain in my ass, literally... but a pain in my ass I would never take back.
I'm going to get my two up and tell them I love them.. that will be the first thing they hear this morning. It's usually.. "yo... ki, dev.. wake up.. it's time for school!" if they protest.. "ahhhh come on now.. you have lots of learning to do today.. let's get the show on the road" and I will then dance around all goofy. That usually works.
Today.. it will be "I love you" let's see how that happens. I bet Ki will smile and Dev will say it back <3

Let me talk about one more thing...... Friendship
I am one of.. if not the luckiest women alive. I have so many good friends.. so many positive friends who are there for me.. cheering me on constantly, loving me unconditionally. I have had the nicest, most wonderful thing happen to me yesterday. All thanks to my dear friends at HM. I love you all.. I can not thank you enough. I am at dept to you all.
Free massages??? You got it!!! I just have to find a way to each and every one of your homes *think* I'll get there.. I will!!!!

Love to you all *kisses*


  1. /kiss

    You are so wonderful and amazing and beautiful.

  2. THAT was a very good day.
    You are well and truly loved...and I am always up for a massage...I'll even trade ya some kidsitting!