Thursday, January 8, 2009

4 months with #3- a little about it speratically

This pregnancy is way different than my other two. Granted I was younger then, my body still "new", and not so in tune with this huge oven.

I know with this pregnancy, what morning sickness is. With my last 2, I was only nauseated ever so often throughout the day. My lawd, You mean morning sickness is actually getting sick and hurling your guts out at the mere thought of food!?!? And this could go on ALL DAY LONG??? Cooking- one of my favorite things to do.. is an enemy of mine? Oh no.. couldn't be! Ha, sure was. I'm just glad it lasted 3.5 months instead of the whole pregnancy, as I have heard from other women. I feel for them... I really do.

Weight gain: I swear, 2 days after I heard.. or found out I was preggo... I ballooned out. Ehh, I was big with my other two... but at least it took a teeny bit longer. This was like, kapowza!! 15 pounds gained automatically. I believe I am in trouble with this baby.. big... I think it will be. I should be used to it.. my 1st was 8lbs 6oz, and my 2nd was 9lbs 13oz. I am sooo getting the drugs.. I mean good drugs to have this baby lol.

Ahhh,... pic. let me not forget.
This is my 4 month pic, taken about a week ago?! hmm... the mind, not so good as it once was.

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