Monday, January 12, 2009

Bring the Positive into your life

Do you know what happens when your favorite site is shut down due to "technical difficulties'?

withdrawal :0
yeah.. I think I tried going to my ever loving every 5 minutes.. to a no win situation.
OMC.. this is what they call a no win situation!?!?!? I've heard about them.. but for the first time in my life.. I experienced it!! Ohhh someone take me away from this torture.

Brings me to Positive thinking :)

I've had friends, in my Personal- aka "real" life, that just bitch and complain how things are in their life. I will admit.. I do it too.. BUT, the difference between me and them? Positive thinking .. yep. You bring in to your world, what you think or as some may say manifest. (As I believe) Sure it's easy to see the negative in every situation.. it's what we are taught from when we are young. We learn our comfort zones, our danger signs... Do we ever learn or are taught out safety zones and are we ever really taught to take risks? in reality, no.. we are not.
So our focus is solely on the negative.. all the time. But let's do something different, shall we? No matter what situation you are going through.. for every bad thing you think will happen in that situation... think of 2 positives.... focus on those positives for a minute, please. Close your eyes and envision the positive. Now... live for those positives.
yes.. their could be "let downs".. but don't let them get to you.. for they are only minute to the positive goal you are striving to.

I can tell you... once I started thinking this way.. and believe me.. it take a while to turn your thought patterns around... I'm not 100%.. and who's to say 100% can be achieved.. not I.. because I don't believe in 100%. anyway.. My life has been more fulfilling and richer.. I enjoy and love my life more.

But, I also have made more changes that the thinking... many more. But that was a first step for me. Try it out!!!


  1. Yeah, it seemed like HM was having problems! Grade some papers for me, Frisk! That'll keep you too busy to notice! lol

  2. I am trying to change my way of thinking and HM is to blame. I /heart all the girls, and boys, of HM!